A research & development project for the city of Hamburg

Vertiports in Hamburg

The project included a comprehensive study for two vertiports – at Hamburg Airport and at the Elbphilharmonie in the city of Hamburg. Both vertiports would increase passenger throughput and generate additional revenues. The “Air Taxi” product with new destinations would improve connectivity with “super fast” airside transfers. Additionally it would position Hamburg as a center of innovation and contribute to smart mobility solutions whilst promoting zero emission flying. We understand this new urban mobility not as a substitute but for an alternate way of transportation within the cities.

  • Development of terminal layout options for the City and the Airport in Hamburg
  • profitability and revenue calculations for the construction of the vertiports
  • passenger number analysis
  • Detailed development and design of predetermined locations
Facts & Figures
ClientResearch & Development for the City of Hamburg
LocationHamburg, Germany
Date2021, was presented at the ITS World Congress in Hamburg