Terminal Planning for New Dock A

Zurich International Airport | Airside Expansion

Invited 2-stage design competition for major terminal and new pier A. The scope of work included capacity assessment of existing and future processors, development of functional layout for terminal expansion and new pier A. The terminal expansion and the new pier A will in- crease the existing terminal by approx. 60,000m2.

  • Benchmarking against “best in class” piers
  • Assessment of processor capacities and gap analysis
  • Concept design of terminal expansion and new pier A
  • Detailed development of terminal layout including fixed links with simultaneous boarding and deboarding functions
  • Development of bus gate pool on ground level
  • Development of improved apron road layout
Facts & Figures
ArchitectBenthem Crouwel Architects
LocationZurich, Switzerland
Size200.000 m²