The 105th district in Hamburg will be born: Oberbillwerder!

The center of this competition was to plan 2 new Mobility-Hubs for this new district of Hamburg.
These buildings should not only be used for easy mobility for people, who live there, but also as a central meeting-point for other services such as, e.g. parking, offices, drug store, café, shared mobility vehicles, postal services (dhl, hermes, amazon, etc.). This modern district will introduce a vivid public transportation, which is so convenient, that people rather leave their cars in the car parking or even sell their cars, because they won’t be needing them any more. Other than we are used to, parking your car on the streets will be forbidden here!

Another important aspect of this project is next to a contemporary design, which shall be kept very open and welcoming the very essential topic of sustainability! Therefore the given content of design elements, which should be considered, were solar panels, “green” design planning of the building especially on the roof with spaces for agriculture and rain collection e.g. for sanitary use.

All in all we can say, the mission was to create a good example of future buildings, how they should be!

We had a lot of fun and were excited to participate as we think, that buildings like this are going to play an important role in our everyday life in the future!

Now, that we have become 7th of 51 entries, we are very proud and strive to work harder to achieve a place on the podium next time!