Competition Southbank Bratislava and Urban Development

For decades, the city of Bratislava has been planning to transform the area between the two bridges on the southern bank of the Danube River into a new city center. This area is considered strategic in terms of city’s development plans with the intention to create a compact city by the river.

The main goal is to create a new central city district interconnected with the already emerging downtown and to join the opposite sides of the river, out of which the southern is significantly underdeveloped.

The purpose of this competition is to find suitable and functional masterplan concept with outstanding and unique architecture, landscape, and public space design.

We have been invited from Vietzke & Borstelmann Architects to participate in this competition together and have been awarded in honourable mention.

  • Masterplanning and Transportation Design Concept
Facts & Figures
ClientPenta Real Estate
LocationBratislava, Slovakia