Mark speaks at the ITS Congress

Dear partners and friends of the IADC family,

we admit that you haven’t heard from us for a long time.

This Corona phase has, like many of you, urged us to rethink our whole life. In addition to negative events, we have certainly also noticed how valuable it is to meet friends, go to the theater or concert and even spontaneously visit our parents. In these challenging times we would not have been able to report conscientiously any particular event under News. During this time, there would have been no News worth mentioning other than the end of this pandemic that people would be interested in, we thought.

We are confident that we will certainly survive this time.

There is no doubt about that.

We think hopefully that we are even heading towards the end of this extraordinary time.

However, the time after Corona will be different. It will change a lot. Our everyday life, our way of working, our leisure time activities and last but not least travelling.
Environmental protection and sustainability will and must play a major role here.

Smart and sustainable transportation systems must be developed to stop climate change.

Well, we are very happy to face this challenge!

We used the past time to develop sustainable transportation concepts.

One of our research projects looks into the integration of a new mode of transportation – Urban Air Mobility – into existing infrastructure.

Fortunately, a lot of colleagues look into new ways of green mobility, so that the

World Congress of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is taking place in Hamburg this year.

A lot of new concepts of travelling from all over the world will be presented there and we are delighted, that we can contribute to that.

Mark Longrée, our Managing Director, will also present our concept with the main topic:

“Urban Air Mobility in Hamburg!”

We would like to invite you to the upcoming ITS conference:

ITS World Congress, 11 – 15 Oktober 2021,

At the Congress Center, Hamburg and the Messehallen Convention Centre