ITS World Congress in Hamburg 2021

The 1st pyhsical expo, since corona, took place in Hamburg and we were proud to be a part of it

Mark Longrée spoke on the 15th October 2021 on this year’s ITS Word Congress in Hamburg.
This year’s World Congress was very special, because it was the first expo, which was held in person and not virtual. Despite the fact, that everybody had to be fully vaccinated and wear a face mask, it was a pure success in our opinion. The theme was all about intelligent technologies in different ways of mobility and their benefits to people’s lives all over the world.

The opening ceremony was very well held in the new halls of the newly refurbished and well designed halls of the Congress Center in Hamburg. Mr. Tschentscher, the 1st Mayor of Hamburg mentioned in his opening speech the necessity and the importance of modern and sustainable ways of smart transportation systems for our world.

Even Angela Merkel, our Chancellor sent a video message for the opening stressing out the fact, that every country and everybody must contribute into new ways of transportation systems, which must leed to cutting down CO2 emissions, so that we reach our environmental goals until 2030.

Dr. Auma Obama’s inspiring speech at the opening event made clear that transportation systems would have life changing effects to the poor people of Africa. She emphasised that transportation is next to having a roof above our heads and clean water the third important factor for a good life quality. Inventing new ways of modern technologies for transport, people all over the world should remember that transportation should not only be planed for wealthy countries. In fact wealthy countries should take responsibility, that transportation should be easily accessible for every human kind all over the world, especially the poor. Her Sauti Kuu Foundation in Kenya is trying to enable poor communities new opportunities, so that they can be able to improve their lives.

It was very inspiring to connect with so many people all around the world with one main aim, improving our transportation systems, so that our children in the future can live in a good environment without pollution and without big fears of climate catastrophes. The new smart technologies presented were digital, autonomous with green energy and therefore safer during traffic and safer to the environment.

IADC GmbH contributed in new ways of urban air mobility as we have showed in our picture above. We emphasized, that this new way of transportation was not to be understood as a substitute to our transportation system but an alternative to areas, which can’t be reached as easy as people would liked it to be, or as fast as people would liked it to be.

In the near future we will work more to deepen our exploration in these fields of new transportation and do as much as we can to contribute into a greener, smarter and safer world!
We are very happy, that the ITS World Congress gave us the opportunity to exchange with different people from different companies.

As Miss Obama said, this new and better world should not remain a luxury.
It is far more our duty to bring this technologies to regions, where they can have a life-improving effect on human life.

We will of course report new subjects in this area at our website and on our linkedin channel.

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